Organic tomato frito with vegetables

The best our garden has to offer, but this time in an organic version.

Organic tomato frito with vegetables

We prepare our tomato frito with vegetables from a wonderful selection of zucchinis, peppers, onions and the best tomato varieties—all of which are grown organically in our garden to get the most natural and healthiest flavors.

What’s more, cooking them low and slow in extra virgin olive oil and seasoning them with just the right amount of salt and sugar bring out all their wonderfully traditional flavors.

Tomatoes* (80g per 100g Organic Tomato Frito with Vegetables), Vegetables* in Varying Proportions (45%) (Zucchinis, Onions and Peppers), Extra Virgin Olive Oil* (4.4%), Cane Sugar* and Saltt.


Nutrition factsPer 100 g
Energy345 kJ/83 kcal
Fats4,6 g
*Of which saturates0,7 g
Carbohydrates7,9 g
Sugar6,2 g
Dietary fiber1,4 g
Protein1,6 g
Salt0,56 g


Organic Tomato Frito with Vegetables Glass


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