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Spanish empanada pie filling with tuna

The secret to making mini empanadas that are simply out of this world is not just in the dough, but also in their filling.

Quality and flavor in the same Spanish empanada pie filling with tuna

A recipe that’ll never let you down is the one for mini empanadas! And although you may think you don’t have the time or they’re very difficult to make, we’ll prove you wrong! With our Spanish empanada pie filling with tuna, it’s easier than ever to make this all-time favorite that everyone loves.

We use the best ingredients from Mediterranean cuisine so you can enjoy the best flavor in the comfort of your own home without breaking a sweat. Go on then and discover everything you can make with this amazing quality product.

Tomatoes (90g per 100g Spanish Empanada Pie Filling with Tuna), Peppers (12%), Tuna (10%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4%), Eggs (3%), Onions (3%), Sugar, Cornstarch, Saltt and Acidifier: Citric Acid.

Nutrition facts Per 100 g
Energy 359 kJ/86 kcal
Fats 4,4 g
*Of which saturates 0,7 g
Carbohydrates 7 g
Sugar 5,5 g
Dietary fiber 1,1 g
Protein 4,1 g
Salt 0,56 g


Spanish empanada pie filling with tuna Glass


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