Homemade sofritos

Tomato frito light

Perfect for people who want to keep a lid on their sugar intake.

The authentic taste of tomato frito, but in a lighter version

Thanks to our tomato frito light, we can offer you the taste you know and love, but in a healthier version for all the people who need to cut back on their sugar intake for health reasons.

This is why we’ve replaced this ingredient with the sweetener sucralose, likewise reducing the amount of carbohydrates and fats in our tomato frito. We love showing you we care!

Tomatoes (138g per 100g Tomato Frito Light), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3%), Saltt and Sweetener: Sucralose.

Nutrition facts Per 100 g
Energy 256 kJ/61 kcal
Fats 3,5 g
*Of which saturates 0,5 g
Carbohydrates 5,4 g
Sugar 3,6 g
Dietary fiber 1,7 g
Protein 1,2 g
Salt 0,53 g


Tomato frito light


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