Homemade sofritos

Simmered onion

Add some wonderful juiciness that only onions can give to each of your dishes in the easiest way possible.

The flavor of homemade  simmered onion

An ingredient that will never fail to elevate a dish is—without a doubt—simmered onion. Onion is one of the essential products of the Mediterranean diet thanks to its sweetness and nutritional profile.

At Hida, we harvest our own onions and choose the freshest ones before mincing them and sautéing them low and slow using extra virgin olive oil. We always make sure that they’re at the perfect point of doneness so you can enjoy the best quality, texture and flavor with almost no effort at all.


Onions (109g per 100g Simmered Onion), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (7.5%), Saltt and Acidifier: Citric Acid.

Nutrition facts  Per 100 g 
Energy  444 kJ/107 kcal 
Fats  7,6 g 
*Of which saturates  1,1 g 
Carbohydrates  8,0 g 
Sugar  6,0 g 
Dietary fiber  1,2 g 
Protein  0,9 g 
Salt  0,75 g 



Simmered onion

340g | 2.500g | 4.100g

Simmered onion Pack x2

2 x 155g

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